New Graduate Hire Learning program


The modern labor market seeks an adaptive workforce that sovereignly governs key competencies. Creating a specialized department within Brodosplit, with a multidisciplinary approach with new staffs, and an intensive preparation for a real business environment in which they will find themselves tomorrow, creating a better link with the world of business and approaching concrete business situations which often prove to be uncertain and surprising.


Create an innovative business model that will enable candidates to acquire professional practical knowledge through professional / internship work within the specialized Brodosplit department.


A milestone that will turn the education system into an entrepreneurial environment by creating leaders who possess the required competitive knowledge to create fast and efficient business solutions.


Creating a qualified professional who will be able to independently govern industrial projects

"One Stop Shop" for young people looking for professional knowledge and experience

Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit among the participants



Mala Tvornica Radnika (Small Worker Factory) would be set up as an independent division of Brodosplit for the purpose of simulating the realistic conditions which candidates would encounter in the real company.


1. A job vacancy is opened for receiving candidates/graduates in the Small Worker Factory:

Candidates will be ranked according to three criteria: personality traits (psychological tests); Ability to perform work (mental ability tests) and motivation (interview with candidates)

2. Creating a ranking of the most successful candidates who have earned their employment right at the Small Worker Factory

After passing a few rounds of testing, only the most successful candidates earn their employment right at the Small Worker Factory.

3. One-month cycles

Within one cycle of the Small Workers Factory for a period of one (1) month, young people will be put in the real business world by simulating the actual conditions in the business environment, assigned with different project tasks day by day and their individual effect, resourcefulness in unknown situations, creativity, flexibility, and teamwork will also be measured on a daily basis. At the end of each working week, a detailed analysis will be drafted with each employee and each of the members will be presented with the positive and negative side of his/her performance. Employees of the Small Worker Factory will learn to think, communicate in business situations, develop creativity, motivation, willingness to deal in unusual and unexpected situations, know what it means to take business risk and take responsibility for their decisions. By participating in the project, individuals will replace their role as candidate with the role of employee in the Small Worker Factory.

4. Mentoring “one-on-one"

During the work performance of the employee at the Small Worker Factory, the employee’s mentor monitors, evaluates and assesses his/her achievements regarding the following elements: the quality of work done, the applied knowledge, as well as the manner of working and collaborating in a team, their problem solving, participation in decision-making and taking the initiative and responsibility with the necessary dose of empathy (adaptability and persuasiveness). It is important to point out that this is a unique opportunity, where at the beginning of their career, a young individual is presented with the opportunity to continuously receive detailed feedback from their supervisor about the quality of their performance, which is often absent during their first job when they are usually “sent to get coffee".

5. Straight-A students!

After the expiration of the first month, the competence results of each employee is announced, and the opportunity to continue working at the Small Worker Factory is given only to the best.

Project results:

Acquired skills of candidates:

Do not ignore - react !: Trained staff capable of changing, improving and creating value in the business process

  • Do not get philosophical - motivate !: Trained staff oriented toward imposing project focus by using educational and motivational tools to achieve maximum team performance
  • Do not study - solve !: Trained staff focusing on transforming existing knowledge into fast and efficient solutions

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