Demographic Measures and Other Corporate Guidelines of DIV GROUP

As the owners of the DIV GROUP, from the beginning of our business, our family was treated fairly and in a friendly way to the workers. In our nearly 50 years of business, we did everything to make our workers feel to the DIV family members.

Published: 27.07.2018.

As the owners of the DIV GROUP, from the beginning of our business, our family was treated fairly and in a friendly way to the workers. In our nearly 50 years of business, we did everything to make our workers feel to the DIV family members. We tried to help all our employees - whenever it was needed. Since in the last 20 years of the existence of DIV GROUP, the plant has grown to 20 employees and has become a company employing more than 3,500 workers, of which 3,000 are in Croatia, we are fully aware of our roles in the community as well as responsibilities for our workers and their families.

Given the values ​​we hold and which we stand for, we can not only passively observe and be mute witness to the more frequent departure of our fellow citizens abroad. Young people in the age of family building are being displaced, which multiplies the existing negative demographic trends, a significantly lower number of births than the number of deaths. Children of current emigrants will be born in other countries, where they will work and recharge their retirement and health funds.

Because of all this, we believe that employers, in accordance with their capabilities, should also contribute to improving the overall demographic picture. Given that in some industries, after the best workers left, there is a serious reduction in business activity and other business difficulties, we consider it a long-term investment in a better and safer future.

Following the successful completion of the Brodosplit restructuring process, this Government of the Republic of Croatia has positively valorized the results of the DIV business and has given us the guarantees for the construction of the polar cruiser, and with this and other measures brought us in a favorable economic environment and made it competitive with other shipyards in the EU. Therefore, we DIV GROUP owners have decided to introduce our internal demographic measures formally and legally. Consequently, in the companies in which I am the CEO of the Board, and in the companies in which I represent the Assembly - the recommendation, to improve the demographic situation and the preservation of our employees as well as the attracting new workers we need the following demographic measures:

1. Any employee who is employed in any of our companies based on a fixed-term employment contract is prepared to offer a contract for an indefinite period of maternity leave or maternity leave. This is why we want to contribute to the safety of the workplace for the future mothers and to remove the cause of postponement of parenting decisions due to fear of losing employment.

2. We will pay a gross amount of 5.000 HRK for each newborn child of our worker. If both parents are working with us - the amount is doubled.

3. Any employee who works abroad earlier than 30 June 2018 and decides to return to Croatia and to hire in one of our companies, with the obligation to stay for at least 5 years in the Republic of Croatia, we will donate a gross amount of HRK 7,500.

Every year for the feast of St. Francis, All children under the age of 15 will be donated to the maximum non-taxable amount. We will organize social gatherings and performances to make them as happy as possible.

5. We will sponsor cultural arts and sports clubs where the children of our employees are actively involved.

6. The children of our employees who show outstanding results (such as students, students, scientists, artists, athletes) will be sponsored (according to a special rulebook) as a support to their further development and progress.

7. We will provide the children of our employees with the necessary funds to cover the additional costs associated with the treatment.

8. For our employees, parents of three and fewer children, we will give a special monthly allowance of 200.00 kn for the third and every second child, which through the period of childbirth and raising of children by the parent amounts to a total of about 40.000 kn per parent, ie 80.000 kn if both parents are employed by us. In the case of a regular study of a particular child, the age limit for this measure moves from 18 to 22 years or until the end of regular study.

In addition to the stated specific measures, we are ready to:

With the Government of the Republic of Croatia and other institutions initiate an initiative for the realization of favorable housing construction for our employees who have at least two children under the condition of their stay in Croatia for at least 15 years and help them solve the most important issues for their family at prices that would not be considered gifts in nature and were so taxed.
We are ready to participate in the part of the dual education costs for vocational occupations in our business as support to the Government of the Republic of Croatia in organizing and reforming education so as to enable young people as soon as possible and thus to enable employment and advancement in the profession.
Finally, during 2019, we will renew and arrange a kindergarten in Brodosplit for the children of our employees and, if necessary, do the same on the other


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