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The largest factory of standard bolts in Europe

Knin branch of DIV GROUP Ltd. is the largest fastener factory in the European Union. Knin products are delivered from the European countries, America to South Africa. 

The complete production of standard bolts, from preparation to the final product, takes place on over 22,000 m2 of closed storage and production space. There are 23 production lines, 14 thread-rolling lines, 3 lines for the heat treatment of bolt material with a capacity of 3 tons per hour each, 2 lines for surface protection by galvanizing with a capacity of about 5 tons per hour, and a semi-automatic packaging of bolts with secured transport communication by rail and road. Bolts are produced via cold forging technology in dimensions from the smallest M6 to large M27. There are nearly 1000 different items. 

The factory in Knin specializes in mass production according to the following standards: 

  • Hexagon bolts (according to DIN 931/ISO 4014 and DIN 933/ISO 4017)
  • Socket cap bolts (according to DIN 912 / ISO 4762)
  • Grade 5.8, 8.8 and 10.9 and others depending on special requirements
  • Structural Bolting Assemblies according to EN 15048 and EN14399, and PED directive
  • Surface protection by electrolytic galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing 

To remain competitive on the EU market in the standard bolt production, we control the entire production and procurement process. Everything starts with the raw materials procurement to preparation for production and PPAP monitoring of the production process, which ensures that the products meet the highest quality standards and provide our customers with maximum safety in use. 

Multi-stroke cold forging machines with a capacity of over 3,000 t/month are used in the production, including three heat treatment production lines with a controlled atmosphere and a completely automatic process control right through to the final product. 

In addition to large production capacity, the factory also includes two new office buildings, a high rack warehouse, and a completely new energy system with a 14 MW substation. Optimization process and energy utilization were of special importance in achieving complete competitiveness on the market.

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