Dugo Selo-Križevci Project

The railway infrastructure project of high-efficiency double-track railroad works at the TEN-T trans-European corridor. Dugo Selo- Krizevci is a strategic project of public importance and the biggest infrastructural railway project in Croatia financed by European Union.

Estimated value of work is 1.27 billion HRK, while the total value of the project which includes the supervision, solving property and legal relations and unpredictable works, is estimated to be 1.52 billion HRK. It is planned that the project will be 85% financed by European Regional Development plan. The remaining 15% should be coming from the national funds.

The project includes the construction of a second track along the entire section length of 36,4 km (with the reconstruction of Dugo Selo railway station), reconstruction of catenary on the existing 9,4 km long track, reconstruction of the existing Dugo Selo, Vrbovec and Križevci stations and related stops , the construction of the new Gradec station, the construction of six new bridges and the reconstruction of the seven existing ones, the abolition of a total of 17 railroad crossings which will be replaced by 12 crossings at two levels and two pedestrian crossings replacing new underpasses, upgrading of stable electric traction facilities , modernization of signal-safety and telecommunication devices in accordance with the requirements for corridor railways, construction of about 20 km of noise barriers and about 25 km length of new service roads.

Reconstruction of individual catenary systems, track constructions and stable electric traction facilities will enable a nominal projected speed of 160 km / h on the entire length of the track section, the stations will be reconstructed to receive interoperable freight trains of 750 m length or the reception of interoperable trains for passenger long- 400 m maximum permissible mass of 25 t / axle, while attitudes will be enabled in accordance with local passenger transport requirements.

The planned completion of construction is February 2020.

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