Custom made bolts

We developed highly sophisticated and innovative technology for complex forged parts using a computer animated simulation and years of experience in producing custom made bolts according to customer specification.

We follow customer requirements and industry standards to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions and to maximize the level of quality of our products. This is our promise and we took it as our key advantage.

Possibilities are both serial and mass production.


  • Diverse & special steels
  • Aluminium, Brass


  • Dimensions from diameter 5 mm up to diameter 90 mm
  • Lengths between 10 mm to 800 m
  • We provide dimensions in both metric of inch sizes
  • Grades 4.6 – 12.9 or B7, B8, B16 or any special grade

We offer surface protection electro galvanized zinc plating, hot dip galvanizing protection, zinc flake coatings, thin and thick layer passivation.

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