Diesel and LNG powered engine manufacturing

BRODOSPLIT – TVORNICA DIZEL MOTORA d.o.o. is an independent company within BRODOSPLIT d.d. group

Company's core business is the production of the most contemporary two-stroke low-speed and four-stroke diesel engines under a licence granted by MAN Diesel & Turbo (MDT). Further development of the company will continue to be founded on the production of low-speed and four-stroke engines as a primary commercial activity.  

Company BRODOSPLIT – TVORNICA DIZEL MOTORA  (BIS-TDM) was incorporated in 1967 by the construction of new production hall and premises for management on the land of Brodosplit. The contract on the purchase of a license for construction of diesel engines was signed the very same year with the German company MAN – Augsburg. Later on, there was a merger of MAN- Augsburg and Danish company Burmeister & Wain, two leading manufacturers of two-stroke and four-stroke engines. This merger granted manufacturing rights for new types of engine, known by abbreviation B&W, to company BIS-TDM.  

Today TDM is part of MAN group and with its licensors is the leading world manufacturer of two-stroke and four-stroke engines with power ranging from 500 kW to 85,000 KW. Engines are primarily intended for ship's propulsion systems, but they are also suitable as stationary electricity power plants. Apart from diesel, they are fuelled by gas and other types of biofuel. They satisfy all currently valid ecological standards, as well as those that will be applied in the future.  

The first engine in BIS-TDM was manufactured and tested in the early 80-ies, and more than 450 two-stroke and four-stroke engines have been delivered until this day with the overall power of more than 2,500,000 kW.

Developing within Brodosplit, BIS-TDM has been going through various organizational forms. Development of possibilities of engine manufacture was followed by the development of technological capacities for casting and machine processing that was reflected in the adoption of new engine types and increase in own production share. Today BIS-TDM is an independent company within Brodosplit whose capacities are used in the production of engine components.  

Besides engine manufacture, BIS-TDM develops the activity of engine servicing, whether its engines manufactured by them or engines of other manufacturers. Many years of experience and rich archive with documentation enable us to provide high-quality engine servicing.  

Assembly and testing workshop has several testing tables for assembling and testing of two-stroke and four-stroke engines so that simultaneous work on several units is possible. Total annual capacity is up to 15 two-stroke and 40 four-stroke engines depending on their size. The maximal power of total annual production is about 150,000 kW. Cargo carrying capacity of cranes, size of halls and capacities of engine testing equipment enable testing of the largest engine with the individual power of up to 25,000 kW.

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