Recapitulation of phase I. reconstruction of the rotor

Published: 13.12.2018.

According to the contractual dynamic execution plan of 15/12, new projected roads were built for the needs of temporary traffic regulation at the time of performance II. phase of the denunciation of the intersection of the Adriatic Avenue and Avenija Dubrovnik.

The first phase of the construction of temporary roads included the construction and relocation of complete infrastructure in the most complex communal hub of the City of Zagreb, which connects the north and south of the city with sewerage, water supply, gas pipeline, power, telecommunication and water supply infrastructure.

Very important emphasis has been put on the integrity of the solution of the relocation of the communal infrastructure itself, which in this very sensitive phase of the work because of the complexity of the network of different small-scale installations during design and execution, approached the detailed and final project solution of the relocation and construction of a completely new infrastructure.

During the construction phase I completed the complete tramway track with the relevant grid, over 2,000 m of cable drainage were constructed with the laying of 58 km of different optical cables for the purpose of switching to new projected telecommunications routes, building 3.6 km of new with abandonment of 2 , 8 km of existing sewage network, construction of 1.5 km of distribution pipeline, 1.1 km of high and medium pressure gas pipeline and built street lighting transversally along the route of newly constructed temporary roads.

Redirecting the complete road traffic to the newly constructed road, the conditions for demolition of the western and eastern overpasses are reached, overcoming the need for connecting the infrastructure to the positions of Avenija Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Avenues, which is a technological prerequisite for the construction of the construction pit for the needs of future tunnel pipes that link these two directions.


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