By engaging in sustainable investing, we can enhance the value of our assets

(Taken from an article published in magazine Lider.  June 30, 2023)

The increased capital investments in the renovation and modernization of the railway industry have motivated DIV to persist in the development and maintenance of high-quality products that cater to the needs and desires of end users.

Anamarija Jagodić, the director of procurement at DIV, highlights that the DIV Group, a leading producer of railway accessories, also participates in the reconstruction projects of the Croatian railways. She emphasizes that the company has achieved this status through investments in new production facilities (the DIV Group owns one of the most advanced automated factories for concrete thresholds), employee motivation, and sustainable business practices.

How did DIV become a leader in the production of railway accessories?

- In its growth, which has been ongoing since its founding in 2006, DIV Group bought a track equipment factory in Serbia at a tender, then part of the once-known Mašinska industry Niš in the town of Svrljig. In 2011, at the same location, it supplemented the program with the construction of concrete railway sleepers, completing that process. Thus, in addition to its standard program, it became the largest group specializing in the processing, production, and trade of bolts, railway accessories, concrete and steel sleepers, and other machine parts and metal products. Increasing capital investments in the renovation and modernization of the railway industry has led us to persevere in developing and maintaining top-quality products that meet the needs and wishes of end users, which is a key element of the company's success.

What kind of products are we talking about, and what are they for?

- It is about track fastening accessories (complete fastening systems for concrete, steel, and wooden sleepers for speeds up to 350 kilometers per hour, from which we can single out steel baseplates, ties, bolts for concrete and wooden sleepers, double elastic ring washers, fastening plates, devices against rail slippage, devices for increasing the transverse resistance of the tracks, and many others) and concrete and steel sleepers. The main purpose of track accessories is the high-quality fastening of the rail to concrete, steel, or wooden sleepers due to the safety and operability of the railway track, which is part of the upper structure of the railway.

Where is it produced, what is the capacity, and how many employees do you have?

- It is currently produced at two locations: Knin in Croatia and Svrljig in Serbia. In Knin, we produce steel sleepers and a double elastic ring washer, and the production of the remaining railway components is located at the Svrljig location in Serbia, where, in addition to the production of accessories, we also own one of the most modern automated factories for concrete sleepers with a production capacity of up to 500,000 concrete sleepers per year.

In Croatia, several railway projects are currently underway and being prepared. Is DIV on?

- DIV Group is carrying out works on the lower and upper structures of the railway on the exceptional railway infrastructure project Reconstruction of the existing and construction of the second track of the railway on the Dugo Selo - Križevci section. This project includes the renovation of the existing track and the construction of the second track on the 38.2-kilometer-long section. It also involves the construction of six new bridges and the reconstruction of seven existing bridges, as well as the construction of overpasses and underpasses and the reconstruction of the existing Dugo Selo, Vrbovec, and Križevci stations. Additionally, the project includes the construction of the new Gradec station, the upgrading of stable electric traction facilities, and the modernization of signal safety and telecommunication devices. DIV Group is also currently involved as a partner or supplier of the track fastening system and other railway components on other railway projects, such as the reconstruction of the existing track and the construction of the second track of the railway on the section Hrvatski Leskovac-Karlovac and on the section Križevci-Koprivnica - state border.

To which markets do you export your products, and what is the export percentage?

- We export products to Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, France, Lithuania, the United Arab Emirates, etc.

Sustainable business is imperative today. What is DIV's response to that?

- Our success, as well as the further development and expansion of business in an increasingly competitive market that changes every day, would not be possible without professional, innovative, flexible, and highly motivated employees oriented towards teamwork and achieving goals. Therefore, we take care of and continuously invest in the personal and professional development of employees, which at the same time enables us to respond to market challenges and the needs and demands of clients, where we strive to maintain integrity and make the right decisions. At the same time, through sustainable investing, we increase the value of our assets, which enables us to achieve long-term market stability and competitiveness for the group.


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