DIV Group runs a socially responsible business

At DIV Group, great attention is paid to a corporate social responsibility (CRS) in order to improve the community’s quality of life. We strive to be responsible towards the workers, the local community and the environment. DIV Group is a proud partner of Resolution Earth, the largest environmental project in Croatia with the aim of raising awareness of environmental protection and preservation.

DIV factory in Knin is the largest standard bolts factory in Europe, which markets its products to the demanding European market, especially the EU market, as well as to the markets of Africa, the Middle East and America.

The previous two years in the DIV Group will remain noted as record ones for the volume of exported goods in the segment of fastening products, when we achieved over 40,000 tons of exports, which means an average of almost 100 trucks per month. Although there was a certain stagnation in a part of our primary EU market, export growth of 12% continued at the beginning of 2024 due to the expansion of business in others markets, and we currently cooperate with partners in over 40 countries around the world. Through our long-term investments in more environmentally friendly production and adaptations to new EU regulations, expanding production capacities and opening new markets, we have created prerequisites for new export records in the years to come.

The product portfolio includes various metric fasteners according to DIN or ISO standards such as DIN 931, 933, 912, 6921, 7990 and inch fasteners according to ASTM and ASME standards. In addition to standard fasteners, a large part of the business is custom made products and OEM products with special surface treatment requirements. DIV Group has implemented and maintains updated quality assurance systems that meet the requirements of international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 50001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

Recognizing innovation as the basis of competitiveness on the international market, as well as the importance of a systematic approach to the development of innovative products and the improvement of production and business processes, the DIV group initiates and implements numerous projects to increase energy efficiency, which are co-financed by the European Structural Funds.

The project to increase the efficiency of energy used in the production process, and the transition to renewable energy sources in the production facilities of the DIV Group, members of the group contribute to the achievement of the global goals of sustainable development.

The main activity of the fastener factory is the production of screw goods, where the technology used, during the production process, generates waste heat, which the cooling system releases into the atmosphere. Switching to a heat pump system with the aim of utilizing waste heat will result in a reduced emission of waste heat into the environment, which consequently results in a reduced consumption of electricity.

Projects to increase energy efficiency in the DIV fastener factory in Knin, by building a photovoltaic power station with a capacity of 6500 KW, and in the production plant of Brodosplit Shipyard, by building a photovoltaic power station with a capacity of 8100 KW, will result in a reduced need to purchase electricity whose prices are skyrocketing. Electricity is the most important energy source in the production process, so the installation of a solar power plant will significantly affect the final price of ships, the construction of which sometimes takes several years.

The DIV Group continuously proves to have the quantitative advantages necessary for successful business focused on profit and customer satisfaction:

  • Support of local and state administration for being one of the largest employers in the country with more than 2,000 employees
  • Strategic geographic location within Europe - proximity to major international cargo ports with excellent highway and rail connections
  • Extensive experience in corporate restructuring through company acquisitions, implementation of structural improvements, financial consolidation and building stable business models
  • Continuous investments in research and development and human capital through improvement of employees’ knowledge and skills
  • Manufacturing capacity that ranks among the highest in the EMEA region along with the technological capabilities to adapt to the ever-changing market and customer requirements
  • Continuous monitoring and adaptation to new EU regulations for more environmentally friendly production with the aim of ensuring a high level of self-sustainability.

DIV Group continuously proves its quantitative advantages necessary for successful business, with the support of local and state administration, strategic geographical position, experience in restructuring, investment in research and development and adaptation to new EU regulations.

Many companies promise efficiency, but our desire for continuous improvement allows us to identify opportunities and design solutions for even the highest demands of our customers.


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