Brodosplit launches polar expedition cruise vessel "Ultramarine"

Hull 487, a polar expedition cruise vessel bearing the name “Ultramarine” has been launched on Saturday, 16th of May in Brodosplit shipyard.

Published: 19.05.2020.

Hull 487, a polar expedition cruise vessel bearing the name “Ultramarine” has been launched on Saturday, 16th of May in Brodosplit shipyard.

Representatives of state and local authorities, partners in construction and financing, friends and numerous special guests were present at the ceremony, and Andrea Mutak from the Association ‘Anđeli’ which cares for children of the most severely physically disabled and children with developmental disabilities from Split cut the rope with champagne and symbolically ¸¸launch¸¸ the ship into the sea.

- I want to point out that this is our 487 second of three ships that we have contracted in a completely new and innovative way that includes financing the ship. In this way, we showed the very demanding world market the possibilities of Croatian shipbuilding, the possibilities of Brodosplit, which is growing into a leader in European builders of polar cruisers. I am glad that today we can show how very difficult and complex projects can be realized in difficult times for the economy, said Tomislav Debeljak, The Chairman of the board of Brodosplit.

The Chairman of the board of Brodosplit, Tomislav Debeljak, thanked the workers of the Split shipyard for being able to complete such a significant project in the challenging times of the coronavirus. He thanked Minister Horvat and the Government of the Republic of Croatia for approving state guarantees three times and enabling the financing of profitable export projects that contain 70 percent of the domestic component, and pointed out that these export projects maintain not only the employment of more than 2,000 Brodosplit workers, but also the employment of thousands subcontractor workers and suppliers.

This is a technologically advanced polar expedition cruise ship, contracted with the US company Quark Expeditions, a member of the Travelopia Group which brings together several companies from around the world specializing in adventure travels. 

The Ultramarine is 128 meters long and 21.5 meters wide and it will be able to accommodate up to 200 passengers and cared for by 140 crew members housed in 103 luxurious cabins and public spaces across nine categories, including six solo suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and the largest entry-level twin suites found on ships in Ultramarine’s class. They will have spacious entryways, spa-inspired bathrooms with heated floors, premium sleep zones and decor that reflects the polar landscapes.

Public spaces will include the Panorama Lounge, two restaurants, a wine-tasting bar, a lecture theatre with comfortable seating and a high-resolution LED screen, and the Wellness Centre with a spa, a sauna with ocean views and a fully equipped fitness room with a separate space for yoga sessions. In addition, the ship will have a Polar Boutique and two ‘Ready Rooms’ next to the zodiac (inflatable landing craft) hangar, outfitted with individual lockers for each guest to dry and store personal items and expedition gear between excursions.

Two simultaneously operable helidecks for twin-engine helicopters and an internal hanger with capacity for 20 quick-deploy Zodiacs, sea kayaks, paddle boards and more will enable guests to enjoy flightseeing, heli-hiking, heli-skiing and other adventure excursions.

The value of the ship exceeds 106 million Euros and this is the first new building in Brodosplit's history made for an American buyer. 

The Chairman of the board, Tomislav Debeljak, pointed out in his address that by choosing a godmother, a protégé of the 'Angels' association, we want to encourage solidarity, care and inclusion for children and young people with disabilities.

- I felt a special honor and pride, such an opportunity is given once in a lifetime. I am satisfied with my performance, said the godmother of the new building, Andrea Mutak, who cut the rope with champagne and symbolically "launched" the ship into the sea.

The very fact that Andrea launched a ship weighing 9,000 tons into the sea with one stroke of her hand is proof that disability is not an obstacle to be enslaved, but that everyone, like Andrea, should bravely jump over it. And the task of all of us is very simple, just to give them a chance.

This is the third ship from this program of polar cruisers and we are competing for the construction of the most modern and most expensive ships in this class. That has allowed us to ensure employment for over 2000 workers, and with the delivery of the vessel, as the most complex product, with 70% of the price comprising of domestically sourced components, the DIV Group has become one of the largest net exporters in Croatia. 

About Quark Expeditions®:

Specializing in expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic, Quark Expeditions® has been the leading provider of polar adventure travel for three decades. With a diverse fleet of specially equipped small-expedition vessels, icebreakers, and unique land-based adventures, Quark Expeditions offers travellers unparalleled access to the most remote places on earth. Led by passionate and seasoned expedition teams, including scientists, naturalists and researchers, Quark Expeditions’ onboard program focuses on guest interaction to educate and enrich the passenger experience.


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